What Key Advice Enhances The Performance of Client Teams?

What Key Advice Enhances The Performance of Client Teams?

Diving into the transformative power of expert guidance, we've compiled insights from CEOs and seasoned coaches on elevating team performance. From empowering teams to boost efficiency to articulating unique value propositions, explore the four pivotal pieces of advice that have driven teams to new heights.

  • Empower Teams to Boost Efficiency
  • Pre-Plan Your Business Blueprint
  • Celebrate Team Achievements Regularly
  • Articulate Unique Value Propositions

Empower Teams to Boost Efficiency

One client I coached was a micromanagement master.

That CEO had their nose in every aspect of the company, and that was becoming extremely overwhelming and prevented them from seeing the business’s big picture and having clarity on the next steps.

The solution? Trust.

By empowering their team and letting go of the reins, they unlocked a hidden superpower: a smooth-running, efficient machine.

Not only did their team thrive, but the company's revenue skyrocketed, doubling by year's end.

It turns out that trusting your team isn't just good for morale; it's a recipe for success.

Fabienne Raphaël Speaking Business Coach & International Speaker
Fabienne Raphaël Speaking Business Coach & International SpeakerCEO & Founder, Fabienne Raphael

Pre-Plan Your Business Blueprint

Write everything down for your business before you start creating your business. For example, write down your service, pricing, whom you sell to, and how much you want to make a year.

Write out the process for a client from purchase to when they stop working with you. What experience do you want your clients to have?

Based on this information, you will know what decisions to make to create the dream business BEFORE you even start.

Suzy Wraines
Suzy WrainesBusiness Foundation Coach, Business Simplified LLC

Celebrate Team Achievements Regularly

Acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of your team, big or small. Use failures as learning opportunities. Everyone likes to be acknowledged for something they have done to contribute to the team's win, even the smallest wins are worth recognizing.

Tracy WorthingtonBusiness and Mindset Coach, Worthy Coaching SOUL-utions

Articulate Unique Value Propositions

One of the greatest returns on an activity I see with my clients is being able to create and clearly articulate a UVP or USP for themselves and their company.

When I ask most people what they bring to the table and to articulate it in a way that solves the problem your potential client has, they simply can't. Or worse yet, they say the EXACT same thing that EVERYONE says in their industry.

I require each person to come up with three personal and three business UVPs and how, after listening to a client's problem, they can articulate in a way that demonstrates why they are the best choice for the client.

Sean Wait
Sean WaitSales Coach, W.E. Sales Coaching LLC

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